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LED Poisoning: Are you being LED astray?

Excuse the puns, but this is actually very serious.

There is a huge global push towards the use of LED lighting to replace all incandescent and halogen lights.

Why? ... LEDs use less power and so this is going to 'save the world'.

But not so fast!

There is mounting evidence from many researchers that LEDs may actually be very harmful, both to 'humans' and to the world. So, in 'saving the world', we may actually be doing great damage to people and the environment ... just to save a few dollars on power bills.

So ... Why is this information in the Dyslexia & Irlen Syndrome web site?

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Do Irlen Filters Work? ... Analysis of clinical data

At the Irlen Clinic we test each child for reading accuracy, reading comprehension, and spelling at the initial diagnostic session, and then later at their retest after wearing Irlen Filters for at least 6 months.

The results of these tests are graphed as part of the Retest report, to show if and by how much they have improved in these three test areas. However the total mass of these results for all students also forms a bank of data that can be analysed.

This analysis gives a very simple and obvious way to answer the question that everyone wants to know: "Do Irlen Filters work?"

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