Autism, ADHD, ADD, behaviour, emotional

Do you or your child experience problems with ...

  • anxiety
  • social skills
  • perception of personal space
  • moods or temper
  • ADHD
  • Autism
  • Sensory processing

These things can all be possible indicators of a visual-perceptual processing difficulty called "Irlen Syndrome" or "IS/SSS" that is related to colour processing. This is often found to be a 'piece of the puzzle' and, because it affects brain processing, it can also affect many other factors, including those listed above - so much so that we need to check and deal with this first.
[See info on our website about 'What is Irlen Syndrome?']

We also look at all these other factors that may be a 'piece of the puzzle', with simple tests or interview questions.

If "Irlen Syndrome" does show up as a 'piece of the puzzle' we recommend going through a process of 'Irlen therapy': getting coloured filters to the exact colour that fixes these visual-perceptual and processing symptoms.

Other things may be suggested, including other forms of therapy, to help with these symptoms.

Retesting is done after 6-12 months to see how much the other factors have been improved by the use of the filters and how much progress there has been. A revised 'Road Map' can then be prepared to guide you further from there.