LED Poisoning

Are you being LED astray?

Excuse the puns, but this is actually very serious.

There is a huge global push towards the use of LED lighting to replace all incandescent and halogen lights.

Why? ... LEDs use less power and so this is going to 'save the world'.

But not so fast!

There is mounting evidence from many researchers that LEDs may actually be very harmful, both to 'humans' and to the world. So, in 'saving the world', we may actually be doing great damage to people and the environment ... just to save a few dollars on power bills.

Read the following articles and see for yourself:

Why is this information in the Dyslexia & Irlen Syndrome web site?

Well, people with Irlen Syndrome are particularly sensitive to light and light frequencies, and the reactions that many people with Irlen Syndrome report are extremely severe with LEDs ... severe headaches and migraines, significantly interrupted brain processing to the point of incapacitation ... and more.

If this was just about a smallish percentage of the population it would be an issue. Putting in LEDs for someone with Irlen Syndrome is the same as putting in steep stairs as the only entrance for those in a wheelchair ... it could runs headlong into the Disability Discrimination Act!

But perhaps there is even more here ... people with Irlen Syndrome could be the proverbial 'canaries in the coal mine'.

Canaries are highly sensitive to lack of oxygen in a mine, and if they stop singing it is time for the people to head for the exits.

In the same way, if the 'light-sensitive' people with Irlen Syndrome are suffering severly, is it "just them" or is it time to look very seriously ... are we all being LED poisoned? The articles linked above seem to suggest that possibility ... none of those were singling out Irlen Syndrome sufferers.

What can you do about this?

Here are some suggestions: