Testing Process & Colour Filter Therapy

'Dyslexia' is basically a problem with reading that is NOT due to something else - not due to lack of ability, lack of educational opportunity, being unable to see or hear or process visual and auditory information properly etc. We go through a process to check and deal with ALL of the factors that might be part of the problem.
[See info about 'The Process of dyslexia diagnosis']

The first thing we check is a visual-perceptual processing difficulty called "Irlen Syndrome" or "IS/SSS" that is related to colour processing. This is often found to be a 'piece of the puzzle' and, because it affects brain processing, it can also affect many other factors - so much so that we need to check and deal with this FIRST.
[See info on our website about 'What does colour have to do with it?']

If "Irlen Syndrome" is a 'piece of the puzzle', then we recommend the use of Irlen Spectral Filters, worn as glasses, to correct the imbalances that are causing the processing issues.

This involves a separate test in which the individually prescribed specific colour is determined - from over a million possible combinations - that will best correct these issues. This involves questioning and perceptual responses, as well as numerous functional tests during the consultation.

Once the correct colour is determined, the Irlen laboratory then individually makes up spectacles to match using a highly accurate spectrophotometer process for your first pair of Irlen Spectral Filters.

It is important to realise that this is your first step on a path of 'Colour Filter Therapy'. Because of physiological changes - including rapid growth in children, medication changes, emotional trauma and a number of other factors - it is quite possible (and quite likely with growing children) that the ideal colour will change, and retesting is needed at regular intervals to make sure that the optimal colour is maintained.

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